Software Engineering and Business Solutions for the Web, Linux, Mobile, and More.

ProjectsThe professionals at Techport80 have been working hard over the last several years.  The following section talks about some of the projects completed and the technologies used to complete the tasks.  

I for one am proud of all the accomplishments so far.  You may be impressed by the number of different types of challenges and the wide array of technologies used to solve them.

Our favorite technology stack is a Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl/Python.  But to be a master of these technologies, we also needed to master Javascript, JSON, JQuery, HTML, and more.  Of course not every solution is appropirate for the web.  This is especially true when we bring new features and modules into perfectly good legacy solutions.  

So, as your looking through the projects, keep note of the technologies.  I'm sure you'll find that no matter what technology you have in place now, Techport80 professionals can integrate our solutions into your business.