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AAA Projects

DHS Digital Handheld System

DHS is a small Windows CE touch screen device used for communication between a dispatching facility and a tow truck driver. My responsibilities with the DHS project were to add new features to the product including printing, Bluetooth, Point of Sale features, and improved client/server communication. Technologies used on this project included Java, SQL, XML, C, Windows CE, and HP-Unix.

D2ME D2000 Micro Edition

Closely related to the DHS project, the D2ME project was designed to run on cell phones as a client/server type application. My responsibilities with the project included the addition of new features that reflected business changes. I developed an improved communication layer between the client and server. Developed new forms and UI for drivers to communicate with the dispatch facility. Technologies used on this project included Java/J2ME, SQL, XML, and C.


A collection of many client/server applications used in the day to day business of AAA customers. Some examples of the kinds of tasks the applications might be used for includes call center tools, database administration tools, dispatch tools and more. Technologies used on this project included Java, SQL, XML, C/C++, MFC, and HP-Unix.


Built web applications to automate build processes and manage server software. I built several small projects used to make daily testing easier. Technologies used on these projects included Java, SQL, XML, C/C++, KSH and other scripting.