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Projects Created For SCC

HOT (HOT Open Tickets)

HOT is a help desk system used to track, manage, and assign issues. Issues or concerns are entered into the HOT system. HOT then informs a team leader that there is a new issue in the system. The team leader is responsible for the completion of the issue either directly or via delegation. Hours are tracked for the length of time spent on an issue as well as the actual turnaround time. Several reports are available for HOT users as well as a custom report builder tailored to the end user. This is a very feature rich and complete help desk system. The primary technologies used in this system are PHP, MySQL, XHTML, Javascript, and SMTP.

CMS Content Management System

This project is solely responsible for maintaining all SCC Web content. The Web team creates templates and then allows individual departments to maintain their own Web content. Each department may have several levels of management. The CMS application manages work flow of the Web content though each level of departmental management. The CMS then continues to manage work flow though the Publications department and finally back to the Web development team. The CMS caches content directly on the Web server for public consumption. The primary technologies used in this system are PHP, Python, MySQL, XHTML, Javascript, FTP, and SMTP.

Sign Me Up! -- Event Calendar and Scheduling system.

Events are scheduled and displayed for the end users, usually students. Some events can be attended and require a RSVP. Students can RSVP and update their personal calendar with just a few mouse clicks. E-mail can be sent to users of the “Sign Me Up!” system for a variety of reasons. Some e-mails are sent manually while others are sent automatically. The system has used a variety of authentication methods including LDAP and custom security implementations. The primary technologies used in this system are PHP, Java, MySQL, XHTML, Javascript, AJAX, Bash Scripts, Cron Jobs, FTP, and SMTP.


Created dozens of other Web applications using the technologies mentioned above plus ASP, CGI, C, Visual Basic, VB Script, IIS, MS SQL Sever, CVS, MD5, Excel, Access, and many Linux tools.