Software Engineering and Business Solutions for the Web, Linux, Mobile, and More.

My Name is Ronald Weidner and I'm a professional software developer.  I have many years experience devloping solutions of all types.  From games, to business software, to educational software I built a track record of success.  Please call if there is a project you need developed on time and on budget.  (407) 416-2619. 

Summary of Qualifications

  • Proficient in many programming languages including PHP, Java, ASP, HTML, Javascript, VBS, Visual Basic, C/C++, C#, Pascal, Python, Perl and several BASIC dialects.

  • Proficient in SQL, especially MySQL. Expertise includes slow query resolution, database design and integrity, and stored procedures.

  • Expert in the planning and design of both Internet and Intranet cross-browser data enabled web applications using HTML, DHTML, XML, JQuery, CSS, combined with server side technologies.

  • Expertise in several version control systems including Perforce, Visual Source Safe, and SVN.

  • Experienced in several development methodologies including Agile, Scrum, and XP.

  • Deep understanding of operating system functions including command execution, disk drive operations, file maintenance, directory maintenance, batch files, scripts, and system configurations.

  • Skilled in computer maintenance and repair to include PC upgrades, trouble shooting and solving hardware and software problems, and correct installation of Windows and Linux operating systems.

  • Adept at designing and implementation of network services including file and printer sharing, FTP services, Web services, Database services, Telnet and SSHD services.


  • Seminole Community College
    Associate of Science degree Computer Programming and Analysis Specializing in World Wide Web Programming.

  • Dell Computer Certified Technician

Related Employment History

  • TopTech Systems, Longwood, FL - 1/2011 to Current

Have Developed Fuel Terminal Automation software for the purpose of tracking and reconciling fuel deliveries and shipments. Additionally, I have developed several tools to help facilitate the creation and testing of software solutions. Have developed customized AJAX web UI components to provide real time access to data. Have helped management in several decision making responsibilities including the assignment of project tasks, implementation of engineering policies and procedures, and making tool choices.

TopTech Projects

Product Reconciliation

This project tracks fuel as it moved through the delivery system and is divided into 2 main parts. The first is a Linux server responsible for receiving transactions from the automated remote locations. The transactions are captured and stored in a MySQL database where the second part of the project is able to manipulate the records. The technologies used in this project part included MySQL, and C/C++, GDB, Perforce, TCP/IP, and IPCs.

The second part of the project implements a web based user interface that can manage the data stored in the MySQL database. Transactions can be manipulated or managed in several ways including grouping/linking, moving, diverting, and others. The web application presents transactions in near real time to the customer using several technologies. Perforce, AJAX, Javascript, C#, ASP.NET, IIS, Jquery, and CSS are the main technologies used in this project part.

Data Point Manager

A system called Data Points was already in place but needed a better management solution as the current system had grown too large to reasonably manage manually. I identified the need for a management tool and developed one using SVN, PHP, Apache, MySQL, AJAX, and CSS, technologies. Data Points mapped data fields in a MySQL database to a GUI label in 1 or more languages. The main use for data points was the auto-generation of Datagrids complete with multilingual column headings. Other uses included form labels, and menu options. This tool reduced errors and significantly decreased development time.

Testing Tools

During the development of the Product Reconciliation application several needs were identified to address testing. Transactions were needed to be simulated and results validated. I addressed these needs by writing several tools including a transaction simulator called “Scenario Builder”, data manipulation/reset tools, and data inspection tools.

The Scenario Builder could harvest transactions from the live database and modify a copy of them in such a way that they could be reused to produce a desired chain of events in our development environment. The Scenario Builder would then feed these transactions to the simulator which would in turn act as a remote terminal. This allowed us to create many test cases based on scripted tests, well thought out “What if?” questions, and the accidental discovery of undesired behavior. The technologies used during for this project included Perl, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, HTML, CSS, Linux cron.

  • EA Sports Maitland, Fl - 6/2010 to 12/2010

Developed additional features to some of the software I created during my previous contract including the Live Dashboard System and the Tournament Creator. Implemented many new features for Tiger 12 including a public facing Tournament Creator and other exciting game features. Implemented a new telemetry system that allowed for dynamic telemetry gathering and requirements. Technologies used include C/C++, PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache, Perforce, BASH, Python, Perl and a few other related technologies.

  • Bonnier Publishing Winter Park, Fl - 12/2009 to 6/2010

    I worked with the Drupal framework to provide top quality websites for several publications including Popular Science, Sound and Vision Magazine, Boating Magazine, Field and Stream, and others. Work mainly consisted of providing new features to an existing CMS system. This provided editors the tools needed to manage all types of content including video, photos, and articles. Most of the development was in PHP and SQL. Other technologies used include Linux, MySQL, Javascript, Ajax, JQuery, shell scripting (BASH), and ImageMagik.

  • EA Sports Maitland, Fl - 1/2009 12/2009

    I developed several support applications for the Tiger Woods video game. These include tools used to create and manage tournaments, reporting tools and reports, and professional golfer data management tools. I used an array of technologies including PHP, Python, C/C++, C#, XML, MySQL, Flash, and Perl.

    I worked on the client and server for Tiger Woods Golf Game for the Xbox and Playstation 3 game consoles. I used several debugging tools such as Valgrind, GDB, MS Visual Studios and others to find the cause of known issues and implement the correct change to ensure the product works as intended. The main technologies used during the production of this title are C/C++, SQL, and Linux.

    Other duties as assigned included Linux and MySQL administration, training others on PHP/Python technologies, training others on PS3/Xbox development kit setup, and assist in the design of new features for upcoming releases.

    EA Projects

Tournament Creator

The Tournament Creator provides game designers a method to control online tournaments in great detail. A typical weekly tournament consists of over 500 individual settings one can choose from to make each tournament a unique game experience. I've provided 2 interfaces to manage this task. The first interface allows for broad stroke tournament creation with limited input from the user. A rule engine is used to make decisions as to what the game designer wants. For example, a tournament designated as “Hard” may have fast greens, over grown fairways and intense weather.

The second interface to this application provides micro management for cases when we want to override the rule engine. The challenge was creating an interface that wasn't overly daunting.

This application supports plug-ins. Several plug-ins were created to allow for new tools as the project evolved. Some of the examples of plugged in tools include a survey manager, banner ads manager, and a media manager.

The primary technologies used during the creation of this tool are PHP, MySQL, Javascript, and AJAX. Other technologies used include Apache, Linux, and Python.

Live Dashboard

The Live Dashboard project was designed to provide near real time statistics to management. Telemetry data was collected from the gamers and processed for reporting. Reports were shown visually in graph (line, bar, pie, or ribbon) or table format. Each query was customizable by the management team in real time by providing easy to use filters. Examples of end user customization include filtering by date/date range, any combination of products, views, or thresholds. I've also used this tool to create forecasting reports and “one off” requests.

This tool also provided the more technically advanced user an interface which allowed for the aggregation of data in table format for an overall dashboard like view.

The primary technologies used in this project were PHP, C++, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, JSON and Flash.

Play the Pros System

During the course of a golf season we provide the gamer with the opportunity to match his gaming skills with that of the real athletes. As the pro golfers play their tournaments an outside data source provides EA with updates as to how each golfer is playing. That data is then fed into the game in near real time and each gamer gets the experience of playing “with” his or her favorite golfer. I designed and/or implemented most of this system briefly described in the following sections.

Feed Capture – The data feed is provided by an outside source. It is sent in XML format, parsed and used for game experience. The feed is also saved so that it can be used again in the future.

Replay – The replay system allows previously captured feeds to be replayed in either real time or compressed time.

Manual Entry – This system was designed to imitate the original feed source in the case of failure. A team of EA employees manually enter scores and other data for golfers. The data is stored in a database and sent to the feed capture system in the expected XML format.

The primary technologies used in the product were PHP, Python, MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, and XML.

  • AAA Lake Mary, Fl - 3/2007 1/2009

Developed Web based applications Using Java and SQL technologies. I used C/C++ to develop client/server applications in a mixed operating system environment. Developed applications for cell phones and Windows CE devices.

AAA Projects

DHS Digital Handheld System

DHS is a small Windows CE touch screen device used for communication between a dispatching facility and a tow truck driver. My responsibilities with the DHS project were to add new features to the product including printing, Bluetooth, Point of Sale features, and improved client/server communication. Technologies used on this project included Java, SQL, XML, C, Windows CE, and HP-Unix.

D2ME D2000 Micro Edition

Closely related to the DHS project, the D2ME project was designed to run on cell phones as a client/server type application. My responsibilities with the project included the addition of new features that reflected business changes. I developed an improved communication layer between the client and server. Developed new forms and UI for drivers to communicate with the dispatch facility. Technologies used on this project included Java/J2ME, SQL, XML, and C.


A collection of many client/server applications used in the day to day business of AAA customers. Some examples of the kinds of tasks the applications might be used for includes call center tools, database administration tools, dispatch tools and more. Technologies used on this project included Java, SQL, XML, C/C++, MFC, and HP-Unix.


Built web applications to automate build processes and manage server software. I built several small projects used to make daily testing easier. Technologies used on these projects included Java, SQL, XML, C/C++, KSH and other scripting.

  • Seminole Community College Sanford, Fl - 1/2002 to 3/2007

Developed Web based applications for the consumption of all students, faculty, staff, and SCC guests. I used many of the popular technologies to complete tasks. PHP, Java, MySQL, DHTML, and XML have been the most prevalent at SCC. Setup and maintained several Internet and intranet servers. I was Responsible for the security of most public web servers at SCC. Installed and configured Linux and related software including Apache, MySQL, ProFTPD, Samba, and many other network related software packages.

Projects Created For SCC

HOT (HOT Open Tickets)

HOT is a help desk system used to track, manage, and assign issues. Issues or concerns are entered into the HOT system. HOT then informs a team leader that there is a new issue in the system. The team leader is responsible for the completion of the issue either directly or via delegation. Hours are tracked for the length of time spent on an issue as well as the actual turnaround time. Several reports are available for HOT users as well as a custom report builder tailored to the end user. This is a very feature rich and complete help desk system. The primary technologies used in this system are PHP, MySQL, XHTML, Javascript, and SMTP.

CMS Content Management System

This project is solely responsible for maintaining all SCC Web content. The Web team creates templates and then allows individual departments to maintain their own Web content. Each department may have several levels of management. The CMS application manages work flow of the Web content though each level of departmental management. The CMS then continues to manage work flow though the Publications department and finally back to the Web development team. The CMS caches content directly on the Web server for public consumption. The primary technologies used in this system are PHP, Python, MySQL, XHTML, Javascript, FTP, and SMTP.

Sign Me Up! -- Event Calendar and Scheduling system.

Events are scheduled and displayed for the end users, usually students. Some events can be attended and require a RSVP. Students can RSVP and update their personal calendar with just a few mouse clicks. E-mail can be sent to users of the “Sign Me Up!” system for a variety of reasons. Some e-mails are sent manually while others are sent automatically. The system has used a variety of authentication methods including LDAP and custom security implementations. The primary technologies used in this system are PHP, Java, MySQL, XHTML, Javascript, AJAX, Bash Scripts, Cron Jobs, FTP, and SMTP.


Created dozens of other Web applications using the technologies mentioned above plus ASP, CGI, C, Visual Basic, VB Script, IIS, MS SQL Sever, CVS, MD5, Excel, Access, and many Linux tools.

  • Convergys 12/2000 to 1/2002 Lake Mary, Fl

I developed a customizable database application designed to create an Access 2000 database from a text file generated from an Oracle data base. The project was created to reduce bandwidth on the intranet and provide employees easy access to schedule information. Developed a fully interactive web application designed to provide an easy interface for employees to discover co-workers’ schedules and generate the requisite schedule trade form.. The project was created to reduce the number of unscheduled absences and increase shift coverage. I Provided Tech support for both Dell computers and Palm hand held organizers. Support provided for hardware issues, software problems, re installation of operating systems, configuration assistance, installation of hardware drivers, and specific software application usage and installation.

  • Personal Projects

I've built several programs for personal projects including a Pay Pal ready shopping cart, several Content Management Systems, file and text encryption programs, video games and others.